Saturday, September 21, 2013

It’s the Little Things


While life is a day-by-day adventure, there are those “little things” that make it memorable. Life is also about massive decisions like do I marry her or should I buy that house or now that that big branch fell on my car or why is the hot water heater leaking or does my daughter really want to marry that guy or what did the doctor just say; there are those little things that gives life the spice.
Now life is full of routine activities that fill our minds, but are they soon forgotten? In the long run, only the “little things” brings the smile or tear of memories. The “little things” define what are the special moments of your life and also characterize the people you remember.
That unexpected stolen kiss or the secret picnic or the walk in the moonlight to watch the meteor shower are all personal “little things” that no one else knows or could have experienced in the same way. That little wink or smile or whisper in your ear will last forever in your memories.

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