Sunday, September 22, 2013

To Your Health

Today is the first of fall. Today is a sunny day glistening in yesterday’s rain. A cool breeze has the smell that summer is over. Hobbling out to stretch and get some air in my lungs instead of the mucus that comes visits every night, I hear the yard waking up and asking for their buffet to be provided.
  Walking up the alley I view the spot where I took a tumble. The rain has washed away any evidence except for my knee bandage. Unsure how the leg that has stiffened up overnight and the pinky now the size of a cigar will feel riding, but I move through the regular route and everything loosens up. The jogging eye candy also provides a distraction.
So carrying my new bandage and medicine back for an afternoon of football I reflect on a previous weekend. Then our crew of similar economic, educational, and political philosophies gathered for a celebration. After jolly conversations and libations we walked back to our temporary boarding. Perhaps the abundance of day or just age, we looked like the walking wounded.
Unfortunately, our bumps and bruises do not heel as fast as when were twenty. I don’t even coagulate like I used to. Maybe my adage of “shaking it off and rubbing some dirt in it” will have to change. Those little aches last much longer now.
We all know what to do, but will we do it? Eat right (but those nachos soaking in cheese and butter sautéed onions were sooooo gooood) and exercise (maybe that pushing buttons on the remote isn’t enough?) All those years of abuse cannot be washed away with good intensions.
I raise a glass and toast to good health to all. It is all we have left.

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