Wednesday, February 25, 2015

How Do You Describe Yourself

It all starts with the family. Parents present us as ‘cute’ or ‘big’ or ‘funny’. Siblings are compared to one another as ‘he is the smart one’ or ‘she is a pretty little princess’. These descriptions will follow us throughout life.
In school, the ‘smart one’ better make good grades or will become a failure in his parent’s eyes. Also for the first time, there are other ‘smart ones’ who maybe even smarter. 
The ‘pretty little princess’ may not be as pretty as other ‘little princesses’. This maybe the first lost of self-esteem with many more to follow. 
The parents will continue to describe their offspring with their accomplishments in sports and education. 
Once out of school the cascade of descriptions overwhelm who we are.
Our occupations become our personal identifications. Parents can brag about ‘my son, after eight years of very expensive places of higher learn is following the family in the medical profession’ or ‘my daughter, the magna cum laude at the prestige’s university being awarded the sigma pi delta, lawyer’. 

While the parent’s pride is obvious, the professional titles will define our lives.
Next comes family. As the siblings have siblings, the parents who become grand have even more descriptions to apply to us. Now as parents we can create new descriptions for our offspring. 

He is the tall one’ or ‘she is the athletic one’ will be stated without consideration of the consequences.
Our descriptions grow with our house locations, automobiles, organizations and religious affiliations. Spouses and their descriptions add on to our own. Our friends will make up new descriptions like ‘he is the goofy one’ or ‘she is the sassy one’. 
Adjectives are what describe us. Who are you?
My brother is the ‘smart one’ but I’m the ‘good looking one’.
The game requires no reading and minimal counting skills, making it suitable for young children.  

Due to the design of the game, there is no strategy involved—players are never required to make choices, just follow directions. The winner is predetermined by the shuffle of the cards

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