Sunday, February 1, 2015

I Don't Know Her

And I never will.
I’ll accept her as your lady as I accepted you as my friend. Then again, I don’t know that much about you.
You and I went through whatever kind of experiences and laughed and survived to make a history of tall tales. We didn’t judge each other on religion or family or social tiers but enjoyed similar likes and felt comfortable in each other’s company.
You and I started dating about the same time and found girls to take to dances and take to parties and take to ‘make-out’ drive-in movies. Sometimes the girls would change and sometimes they stayed with us for a while.
As couples, we enjoyed concerts and beach outings and picnics yet a couple has times together that friends do not share. Sometimes a girl would become a steady or a constant date. Sometimes a girl would break a heart and a new girl had to be found.
Sometimes couples would create relationships far beyond friendship and even a few married. Sometimes the girl would become bored or distracted and the bond of a couple was broken.
And if you and some girl become a couple, you both are invited into the family of friends because of you and not her. Whether the couple is a comfortable fit or not, couples form families and families move forward to another life.
The girl you have chosen and who has agreed to be the ‘one’ is still a stranger to me, and perhaps to you. Some questions of history or similarities in life can be discussed, but I will never know the girl you call your mate. I may even know more history of her than you, but you have made your choice and secrets are irrelevant.
And the stranger becomes a woman and a mom and a housewife and a worker and a partner and a lover and all the other possible descriptions of today’s world with all that life throws at her with only you by her side for support and encouragement. Your names become intertwined as one.
So if she makes you happy, that is good enough for me. And if she doesn’t and you move on her name will be quickly forgotten. That is also good enough for me for she was just a stranger.
Such is life.

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