Saturday, February 14, 2015

Who Do You Love?

Or break-up on Valentine's Day

Just like all other holidays, this one has a routine of coming around every February in the dead of winter. It is cold and windy and wet outside so on this holiday your find inside activities to keep you warm.

Who do you love?
The question isn’t about box of chocolates or flowers or teddy bears or even 50 shades of grey if you are into that sort of thing, but whom do you really love. It might surprise you.
Love is a subjective emotion. It might be first love or love at first sight or puppy love or true love or a million other descriptions of becoming confused and bothered and bewildered over being in the company of another person.
The person you love is the person you sit on the beach with watching the waves come in without saying a word after your first encounter with sex or the person you feel empathy about their previous harmful description of a relationship even thought they are strangers or that warm feeling of watching them sleep in the window seat while the snow is falling outside without concern how much the hotel suite was costing or the laughter after pulling up the crosswalk on the street at night or waking in the middle of the night to go watch shooting stars together or those endless nights on the porch swing or waving off the tap-in to the slow dance or trying to replace an emotional dream with a kitten…Or

Lets break up on Valentine’s Day
You can decide to make February 14th memorable by breaking up. That is right, break a heart on Valentine’s Day and it will never be forgotten. If you have the gonads to hold your pent up emotions until that day, it will make this and further Valentine Days something to remember. And don’t do it with a text or an email, do it face-to-face. You might get slapped or punched or screamed at, but you will never forget Valentine Day ever.

So smooch it up 
or kiss off.
It is Valentine’s Day.

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