Thursday, February 12, 2015

Obey The Law or what?

What laws do you obey? You know everything has a law or a regulation or a restriction or there is one in the works. You and I and the guy down the block vote every so often for a person to go into a big state house and debate ideas to come up with laws for something or against something. There are thousands of these folks that we elect to represent our ideas and come up with laws to make our lives better.
And there are thousands more who try to persuade these political delegates to vote for or against their particular way of thinking. Everyone from school teachers to multi-millionaires to veterans to farmers to mom and pop businesses to equal rights advocates to gun lobbyist fill the halls of the sideshow with their offers.
The guideline for all this interplay are the cities’ or communities’ charters or the state’s or federal constitutions that are the laws drawn up to give the legislators rules to follow in making decisions. And these laws are often amended with the overseer being the court system that must follow more laws and regulations and restrictions and that is balanced by the CEO of the city or community or state or federal government.
While I have simplified this process, there are people who our friends and families and many we don’t know with every sort of biases and persuasion and emotional candor to follow the debates and television ads to vote for one of the candidates who will decide for the next several years what laws we should obey.
It seems every few moments there is a new law or regulation or statue or decree to rule our social behavior. For the most part, the majority of us follow the laws. We understand the consequences of breaking the laws.
Yet, some or more decide to bend the law to their own interpretation.
So what brought on this aimless rambling of silliness about our jurisdictional process?
Perusing the headlines today I saw there was this local woman who wanted to have a product removed from the shelves of convenient stores because her son used the product and she feels it harmed him but he has access to more and more of this product and he wants to use more and more of it (that is another story for another time). The reporter, being a thorough journalist, questioned delegates of the local legislative assembly up to the attorney general to find there is already a law on the books to ban this product from sale.  The problem, it was said, was the enforcement of the law.
I personally feel most of these laws do not restrict my quality of life, but I also notice so many of them are not obeyed.
Think about that the next time you are texting while driving. There is a law against that but how can it be enforced.
The cat is out of the bag.

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