Sunday, February 26, 2017


After a normal night of a few two-hour naps, the sun appears and the coffee pours the potion to start the morning. The daily ride turned from summer to fall after a hailstorm but the sun is out and another layer will tolerate the change. Feeding the yard and contemplating the next move, change to a different hydration.
Being alone, not lonely because that is a pathetic self-absorption, I study the next move like a chess player. Picking up piles of pine mulch? Moving more timber? Prying up 50lb. cement blocks? There will be no more cutting due to the fact that all trashcans are full even without the cassette racks and broken storage bins.
Contemplating the many options of a single project can take hours or days and then another version to deal with the problem can and will cause procrastination until you just strap on your gloves and get your hands dirty. A simple move of a bucket or piles of bricks can alter a critters landscape. That is not the object but hope they will adapt.
Having the time and space to ponder deep thoughts unfortunately doesn’t turn off. Every shadow, breeze, sound will offer possibilities that will give new thoughts, opinions and a redraw of plans. Repairing a gate can turn into replacing the fence. Nike had it right with ‘Just Do It’.
Contemplation can bring some interesting ideas from a simple word or sentence overheard on an entirely different topic. Recently I heard a story about two girls who were switched at birth. One of the statements made in the story was how their rooms differed. Try picturing the details of the room you grew up in. Then think how that room changed as you grew up. Broaden that picture to your family patterns. Where did you go on vacation? Did you parents watch you participate in athletics or other school activities? Did your siblings participate? How do your friends families compare to your upbringing?
Some decisions are made at the spur of the moment but some are analyzed, scrutinized, examined, studied, reflected upon and deliberated until it is too late. If you wait to ask that girl to dance she will get tired of waiting. If you wait to buy that pair of shoes they will go out of fashion or won’t have your size. If you wait to buy that toy whether it be the latest, greatest hit or your children’s most important cherished dream will become obsolete in a matter of minutes.
Contemplation has a place in pondering the unknown like all the stars in the sky but there are those who take it too fair and becoming scientist who conjure up hypothecs which is only making up an answer that cannot be proven; sort of like politics or religion. Instead of reading your trashy tabloids on the throne try some contemplation during your defecation.
As many nights of warmth that are available hopefully will give me the time and space to contemplate, I will ponder and wonder and feed my bizarre dreams. There are no plans on changing the world or even my simple life but it keeps the mind active.

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