Monday, February 13, 2017


I won’t get into some of the stuff I’ve been reading because it is pretty deep but I will ask this question: What is your life?
Not the when you were born and when you die stuff, but what is your life when you are alive. What is your philosophy of life as you live it?
It will change with age and experiences but you have to find feelings, knowledge, travels and interaction with others that gives you that unique personality that you carry around.
At the end of the day you are either content with what you have done and where you have gone and how you have been treated and treated others. Is this what life is all about?
We will all have our ideas of what makes life worth living. Some may need assistance from mystical unknown or worldly riches but in the end we are all the same in our eternal search for the meaning of living.
My personal idea is ‘Life is a Movie’. It may be a play but the same thing.
We are all cast for a part and the script is constantly being rewritten. Most of us will just be extras in the background but we are still on the screen. Sometimes we get speaking roles and some become leading stars whose names appear on the marquee and faces appear in the glossy magazines for the rest of us to idolize.
Simplistic philosophies for sure but just contemplate this: Who are you when you walk into a room of strangers?
There is no perceived information about you so you must express yourself. Your attire, cosmetics, swagger; the true YOU must appear.
Some will peruse the room for familiar faces. Some will enter a space with an arrogance of superiority. Some will search out the bar.
I, personally, am an observer.
I will find a quiet spot and watch what is going on in the play of life. As being thrown on a stage and the play is already in Act III, I need to see where I’m to fit in. I wasn’t handed a script or got the memo about rehearsal times so I must observe to find my place.
As an observer I can enjoy the play like the audience until I have to participate. I can handle the speaking roles even by the seat of my pants but know there is never applause.
As an observer I can join in the entertainment but do not require the spotlight. I’ve noticed the stardom is fleeting and another will take your place. That is the way this game is played.
As an observer I can write my reflections of time and the curiosity of strangers. It is all about how I view life.
So many of us exist through family, church, work and health with associations through organizations only to be listed in an obituary. Like the leaves on the trees we bloom in the spring and fade in the fall only to disintegrate under the snow.
Maybe it is age, maybe it is solitude, and maybe it is a change in seasons? You have to find your own path and make your own decisions.
When is intermission?

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