Friday, February 3, 2017


Found a bunch of keys. What do they unlock?
Found a bunch of locks. Where is the key?
A key is only good if there is a lock to put it in. A lock is only good if a key is available to unlock it.
So I find a bunch of pad locks. Locks of all different sizes and makes and models filling up a drawer. Some have keys in them and some don’t.
So I find a bunch of keys. Keys that look like they might fit some of the locks and some that don’t look like they fit anything but a space machine.
So an afternoon project of trying to match a key to a lock is formed. How boring can you get?
So during the process of trying to jam it into the slot and give it a twist, I wondered why I hadn’t done these years ago? Maybe some WD-40 would help?
So after all the fumbling around and getting frustrated that it wouldn’t fit what was I going to do with all these locks and all these keys?
So into the dumpster they go.
What was I going to lock up anyway? What was I locking in? What was I locking out?
So there is still a half dozen pad locks with matching keys and no place to lock them? They will just hang around like spare change until I want to keep something locked away from everyone without a key.

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