Thursday, June 22, 2017


I’m lucky or of an age where I know what that word ‘borrow’ means and the connotations of using it. Can I borrow your lawnmower? Can I borrow $50 till payday? Can I borrow your daughter for a weekend?
The best intentions are to allow a family member or close friend or neighbor to use whatever you have accumulated for a short period of time with insurance of replacement.
If the item is returned on a specific date unharmed or damaged, the bond is reinforced. If the timeline is extended, questions arise.
An item purchased for home use or family can have a significant meaning to the owner. Family heirlooms passed down through generations can raise red flags when asked by other members of the clan to borrow. 
To be abiding we show our trust and confidence in another person to allow them your cherished processions to use and return shortly in pristine condition. Yet accidents happens the culpability of insurance and repair raises its ugly head.
The same is true with time.
When someone wants to sit and talk, they are borrowing your time; time that could be spent doing some other chore or experience. The same is true with social media. Another form of borrowing is spending hours tweeting or chatting or scrolling thorough a myriad of opinions and responses to other nonsense. You only have a finite precious time on this planet so why waste it giving it away?

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