Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The War is Over!

Since I’ve been on this planet that headline has been ‘fake news’. In my almost seven decades there has always been war. The country I live in has always been involved if not the predicator of the war. If one war seems to be fizzling out, we start another one. We have a massive industry to produce products that provide the young to be killed and kill others.
I grew up in an era of celebrating the victory of WWII while watching movies of our troops storming the beaches and always defeating the Nazi or Jap enemy. Just like previous years when the Yankees done whooped the Johnny Rebs but there were no movies showing the end of war, so the South will rise again.
We believed the power and the glory of the red, white and blue could defeat anyone or anything because we can manufacture more weapons of destruction than anyone else, especially when we are not being bombed. Still we had to decide what to do with this massive armed force and even though many quit and went back to civilian life, it became an option of those who could not get a mining or construction job.
To fuel the fear and maintaining a standing army, we invented the commies. Now we had a new enemy who was as large and as strong as the U.S. of the A. and had similar weapons of mass destruction. We hid under school desk as protection of a nuclear war.
Meanwhile as Europe was redefining itself and Africa was carving out nations run by dictators and Japan shrunk into a manufacture mogul and China was awakening, there were these constant spates going on around the world.  
America became the policeman of the world.
We picked our fights thinking we could win but it wasn’t that easy without the entire world backing us up. Korea was actually declared a police action trying to keep the commies from spreading and it looked pretty good until the Chinese decided to join in and for the betterment of saving face we drew a line and decided to call it a stalemate. Vietnam was a toe in the water that increased to a no-win solution and a commie win.
Meanwhile the body bags kept coming home with those proud children that sacrificed all for a noble cause. The graveyards expanded and another war was created.
If there wasn’t a war we could join in, we created our own. We believe in being a bully pulpit to invade another sovereign country just to try and make the country to follow our ideology.
War on poverty. War on drugs. War on discrimination. War on sexual freedom. War on religion. War on….

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