Friday, June 30, 2017

The Lost Art of Conversation

Once upon a time, many years ago, people would talk to each other. The talk would be face-to-face conversation without the aid of electronics or mind-altering substances.
This conversation could take place anywhere and at anytime between two or more people. The topics of a good conversation could vary from family to health to recently read books or music or politics or religion but it was always a civil discussion with a sharing of ideas and opinions without snarky comments or demeaning attitudes.
In certain circles the conversation was a high art of etiquette with rules of who can speak and when they are spoken to. Casual conversation goes on everyday in offices, homes, stores but it is normally speak or reply distracted by the disturbances of life. Some who know each other well enough can finish the other’s sentence.
Part of a good conservationist is to be a good listener. A good conversation can offer new twist on uninteresting subjects if you listen. A good listener will allow the speaker to finish their thought without interruption.
A conversation can teach, preach, motivate, inspire and even become romantic. A good conversation can bring joyful laughter and friends closer together in the common experience,
The art of conversation is not lost but hard to find. A few will still share their time and space and ideas and opinions without a deadline. Open enough to learn and be taught and share stories and laughter and tears, conversations can bond and revel much to each other and themselves.
You know what I’m saying?

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