Saturday, June 17, 2017

Rainy Night

Yesterday was hot. Today is hot and muggy. The ground is soft and the air is thick. It is becoming summer in the city.
No details or fact checks or computer data to verify that it is hot and it is muggy. At least in Puppywoods but ½ of the jungle is gone freeing up sunshine to bake into ground.
Many summers and winters have been experienced at this location and everyday changes are noted and appreciated. For weather depends on how the day will be planned and accomplished.
It doesn’t take much to notice the animal kingdom’s eternal knowledge in the changes of wind and humidity. They communicate between one another way before any Breaking Weather Event is published. The clouds tell those who want to observe what are happening in the heavens.
As the story goes, the windows were installed and the storm came. It was a gully buster but no leaks that I’ve noticed so far. Mission accomplished to use a overused phrase.
Still releasing the stress of strangers crawling all over the house there is the relief of strong double-pane glass against the heat and cold. Maybe the house will hold up for another couple of years.
A rumble of thunder in the background indicates there may be more rain coming. Unlike the smoke alarm that went off at 4AM but luckily I was up and at’em, I can’t take the batteries out of the clouds.
I enjoy the weather. I respect the weather. I dress according to the weather. I watch the radar and ride when appropriate. I sit through hurricanes and watch the trees dance. I’ll sweat and bake in the heat and towel off for after a few months I’ll be applying more layers.

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