Friday, November 10, 2017


Sixty-nine years are 820 months or 25,185 days. Sixty-nine years are 604,440 hours, give or take daylight savings time. How much was accomplished or how much of that time was wasted will be the job of some data manager or gravedigger.
The sun came up and the clouds cleared and the day broke to chilly and breezy weather. Another milestone had been met. Morning ride was brisk noticing how many leaves have turned in one week. Time to start making piles like in my younger years since the city doesn’t want to pick them up now. There is a freeze warning tonight so Mommy Nature I don’t mind putting on long johns in November if you just keep the sunshine coming. An afternoon rides to get lunch and avoid the backward driving. Great sandwich with lots of onions so both ends will be blasting all night. As the sun fades will retire indoors to cake and ice cream (no hats or noisemakers) and await another day. That is how life goes on.

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