Saturday, November 18, 2017

The Girl Next Door

The other day I was walking to the mailbox to check my bills and junk mail when I see this young girl carrying in a box next door. I don’t know much about the guy who lives next door other than he drives a big black truck and a motorcycle and has three other guys living in the house. They have a few parties on the back deck but end early enough so as not cause no trouble with the old folks. They have shared some rowdy parties with the couple on the other side but still keep their grass cut and play a rousing game of corn hole or Frisbee or volleyball until the aforementioned lands in my yard.
So who was this young blonde with her hair tied up carrying clothing storage boxes into the house? Is she one of the young ladies being plied with alcohol who decided to come back for more? Maybe she is his sister who just got divorced and needed a crash pad? Maybe she is a work associate going through a bad spell with drugs or a Russian spy going undercover? Maybe she is a madam for a homosexual brothel?
Who ever she is, she has a dog. A small dog that is pretty quiet so far so good. She also rakes the leaves. This could be a sign of a romantic redo? I know. A blind date turned into a 25-year marriage.
Winter is here so will have to wait for spring to see what influence she has on my unknown neighbor. Maybe the patter of little feet? Maybe a trade-in on the Harley for a mini-van? If she stays, how long will it be before they move and I will deal with another NEW neighbor?

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