Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Affair That Never Happened

Every relationship has it's moments when things don't seem to be going right. 

Some of us stay and tough it out. Some of use stray. Some of us drop the ball and run. 

Opportunities present themselves everyday. New people. New connections. And possible emotional ties. 

Egos lead a lot of the perception of what relationships should be. What is the real and what is the make believe? 

Early in life, relationships were short and rocky. Much of that was a insecure emotional structure gained by years of dysfunction. Paper thin confidence. 

And as the relationships continues, other personalities reflect in the mind. Perhaps it was a look or a word or a suggestion or a kiss or a warm hug. An embrace that was not deflected. 

A look in the eye which spoke of a different future. Or a momentary lapse from the rocky road ahead. 

A simple smile and a deep look can tell one another what could be if.....

1 comment:

Art said...

An embrace that was not deflected.

GREAT Line. Great truth.