Tuesday, August 5, 2008

First Song

When I was first learning the guitar, I decided to write songs.

My first song was two chords : Am - D. 4/4 time.

What was I thinking as a 15 year old?

Hula Girl (cml, 1964)
When to the lu-ow the other night
and for some reason I took my wife
We had fried squid, octopus, and pie
Then I caught out of the corner of my eye...a

Hula Girl
Oh yeah, a Hula Girl

She danced on the floor, on the table, and then
She came back to dance again
I was fascinated by her eyes and hips
Hopefully wishing of making one slip...from my

Hula Girl
Oh yeah, a Hula Girl

Since my wife has gone away
With my Hula Girl, I will stay
When she shimmies, I give out a grin
In Hawaiian, this means: "friend" ... to my

Hula Girl
Oh yeah, a Hula Girl

When I started to make an advance
She decided to stop her dance
Suddenly, I received a blast
I read a sign that said, "Keep Off The Grass" ...of the

Hula Girl
Oh year, the Hula Girl

*Note: I'm recording this with lots of layers, different rhythms, and bass line. It holds up surprisingly well.

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