Friday, August 22, 2008

Taking Orders

I don't like taking orders. I grinds against my grain. I would not be good in the military. I may not be good in marriage. 

I don't mind following instructions. I can take directions. I can listen to mentoring. 
But I can not follow orders. 

Don't tell me what to do. Don't tell me when to do it. Don't tell me how to live my life. 

Everyone has the chance to compromise and make decisions, but no one and I repeat, no one should be able to order another to follow their commands. 

Even animals do not obey. They act according to food or affection. 

So do not give me orders. I will not take orders.

"Would you like fries with that?"


Rus Wornom said...

Drop and give me twenty, little mister!

Art said...

Well, the way I say it is:

You can tell me what to do OR you can tell me how to do it. But you can't tell me both."