Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Legend of the Pig and the Flower

The legend of the pig and the flower is a beautiful story
told by my people in song and dance

Then the pig came upon the bush
There he saw a very large flower growing,
A very larger purple flower
The only one for miles around

And then the pig flew deeply in love with the flower
And then he confessed his love
And the flower said “You’re a pig
And you are extremely dirty, even for a pig”.

Then the pig began to weep
And the flower took pity on the pig and said
“I will love you when you are clean”

And the pig’s heart swelled with joy
And he went down to the river to wash himself
And he stepped into the water
And was eaten by a crocodile.

In my country, it is said, the centipede has a thousand legs but he can not tap dance.
Well it loses a little something in the translation.

Guru Grindl, Candy

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Anonymous said...

I'm gonna have to see this movie finally...