Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Joe's Inn

There is a little watering hole in the inter city of Richmond, Virginia named "Joe's Inn". Been there since the 30's inter wound with old Victorian row houses.
A comfortable line of booths across from a long mirrored bar. Familiar tunes play through the stereo and the television on the wall shows sports shows with the sound turned down. Young college age waitress in t-shirts scurry about taking orders and delivering between the two sides. A bartender stands in front of the stacks of bottles moving up and down the stooled patrons refreshing libations.
It's a comfortable place. With one person, or a group. The wooden booth have enough room to stretch sideways. Ashtrays on every bolted down tables. Conversations and smoke rise as the night progresses and the crowd grows. Homeowners, neighbors, students, and street people all share space and time. The juke box and the booth boxes on the wall to select tunes are gone. No more replay of "6-3-7-5-3-0-1". And the tin ceiling has been replaced as have been the windows with stain glass.
But it still has a comfortable feel. You can meet friends, start conversations with strangers, or have blind dates with your future wife.
The food is plentiful and quick. On a cold winter day the coffee is constant. On the hottest summer days, the ceiling fans and cold beer cools the spirit. Long conversations are not interrupted and the cute girls don't mind some flirting.
Joe's Inn, a regular watering hole and a comfortable gathering spot. Highly recommended if you are in the Fan area.


Brie said...

The veggie lasagna there is rad. :)


RVA Foodie said...


It's one of those places that has never given me reason to go back, but I keep going back. A safe bet, if you like breaking even.

this island life said...

I used to work at Joe's and your post brought back a flood of hungover plate slingin' memories.