Thursday, August 6, 2009

Archaeological Dig

It's a continuous wonder of finds.

Some small things, some big things.

Papers, plastics, pictures, photos.

But I can see the floor.

And the Army got the first donation today.

Plenty of backpacks for back-to-school.

In a secret spot, found the video of the beginning to Puppywoods and is still amazed the amount of work.

Will probably have it copied to DVD after it's 15-year history.

On the second shirt of the day and the rain has returned.

Cleansing the air and watering the yard which I have abandoned.

It is an archaeological dig.

Finding ideas, goals, dreams, some lost, some realized.

The stuff we hold near.

And the digging goes on.


TripleG said...

If you've lost your mind, it must be there somewhere.

nimrodstudios said...

A mime is a terrible thing to waste.