Wednesday, August 26, 2009


While logging the hundreds of books to be donated to some lucky readers, I came across on "Phobias" and paused. Interesting.

She knew she had problems but turned to books to solve them. Feng Shui of the mind.

I took a bunch of physiology courses in college and was fascinated by how people think and react to experiences. Still am.

We all see things differently and experience life in unique ways. Even standing next to one another in an occasion, our ID and Ego reacts to years of teachings, feelings, and experiences which shape our individual thoughts.

I could laugh. You could cry.

The mind tries to soften the bad things, so when we remember, we remember the good. It keeps us at peace.

I didn't mean to share this with everyone, but I had to get pass the Buffy picture on the splash screen.

And yes, we ALL avoid pain and seek internal fulfillment.

So check your ego at the door and enjoy the day.

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