Wednesday, August 19, 2009

It is hot out there

Dry and Crunchy

Wednesday, and the dog days of summer have set in. 95 degrees and 75% humidity, which makes it feel like 110 degrees, but it is starting to shadow in the afternoon which brings promises of rain.

It has been an interesting day. Slower than most, maybe the change to Marion from Bianchi, but the ride seemed harder this morning. Perhaps it was due to the late start?

And it is hot. It is too hot to handle. The walk to the house and back again desires a towel off and a pause in front of the fan. It’s just too hot to do anything.

Boxes sit ready for books and magazines and catalogs. Bags of clothing and stuffed animals sit on the floor ready for another pick-up by the army.

It has been a varied week. A ride with a buzzard, a falcon, butterflies, girls with their babies and dogs, and sweaty runners, and of course the constant white trucks with ladders rattling through the neighborhoods.

Only the weekend holes hope for a cooler day when I continue my search for space and empting years of thoughts and wishes.

So it remains to stay cool under the fan and hydrate and listen to CDs sorting out what I will keep and what I will pass on to others.

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