Friday, August 14, 2009

New Ride

Same path, same time, but a different ride.

Yesterday I got the Bianchi Brava (see above, except it is white and has flat-t handlebars now) with new gears, brakes, and handlebars back to join the pride.

After attaching a water bottle, it was off on my morning stroll through the neighborhood.

Different? You bet.

This bike weighs about an ounce and handles like a racer, because that is what it is.

Also tiny tires and NO SHOCKS! My butt is getting used to that.

I don't know if the lightness of the bike or the working gears, but this creature can downright fly.

And hills are unbelievably easy.

It's still hot and takes a 1/2 hour to cool down but this was an interesting experience.

The frame is a little short for me, but the ergonomic grips help. Now to get a mirror.

Always look for those new experiences and keep a eye on the road.


TripleG said...

That's a beauty. There's nothing like quality, is there?

Art said...

Hey, this better not be cutting into your guitar budget, dude...

nimrodstudios said...

Bought it years ago. Just an upgrade.

Rus Wornom said...

No shocks? Watch out for painful inflammations...