Tuesday, January 12, 2010


There must be an organizational layout of the U.S. Intelligence community
with over 100,000 associates
spending $49.8 BILLON dollars.

1. Central Intelligence Agency that is responsible for providing national security intelligence to senior U.S. policymakers.

2. Defense Intelligence Agency manages foreign military intelligence to support military planning, operations, and acquiring weapon systems.

3. Department of Energy provides technical analysis on nuclear weapons and worldwide energy issues.

4. Department of Homeland Security analysis multiple sources to identify threats to the United States.

5. Department of State analysis of global developments and other issues.

6. Department of Treasure manages information related to money.

7. Drug Enforcement Administration manages information obtained by drug enforcement.

8. Federal Bureau of Investigation defends the U.S. against terrorist while upholding the criminal laws of the U.S.

9. National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency collects and creates information about navigation, national security, military operations, and humanitarian-aid efforts.

10. National Reconnaissance Office designs, builds and operates the nation’s reconnaissance satellites.

11. National Security Agency / Central Security Service protects information systems and produces foreign intelligence.

12. Marine Corps maintains reconnaissance and surveillance, military/naval intelligence, human-source intelligence, counterintelligence, imagery intelligence, signals intelligence, and tactical exploitation of national capabilities.

13. Army responsible for policy formulation and oversight for intelligence for the Department of the Army.

14. Coast Guard guards U.S. economic and security interest in maritime region.

15. Air Force provides aerial reconnaissance and surveillance developing intelligence gathered from space platforms.

16. Navy supports missions including U.S. military acquisition and development, counter terrorism, counter proliferation, counter narcotics, and customs enforcement.

There seems to be some overlap, but only these 16 departments with all of their resources are gathering and sharing information keeping our nation safe from a bunch of bad bullies.

Don’t pull the covers over your head.

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Art said...

This is silly Cliff. In point of fact it is important to remember that to be successful, America needs to get it precisely right 100% of the time. No mistakes, ever.

To be successful, the bad guys have to get it right just once.

Which way do YOU bet?