Saturday, January 23, 2010

Spring Can’t Be Far Away

Drag myself out of bed with the sound of the birdcall.
Without leggings and loose socks wipe my eyes to see the sunshine knowing full well I would travel today.
The rain has stopped.
The ground squishes as I put out sunflower seed for the critters, then float the flack for the orange bodies who have endured the cold.
A cup of coffee and a cup of fruit, pull up the zippers and the gloves.
Time to mail the $3,000.00 in bills for repairs that have just begun on my humble abode.
At the mall, I decide to continue my journey to my morning run, but in reverse.
The hills are a little more difficult and the traffic congestion adjusts my path, but the first stop for water brings the remembrance of clear breathing.
I cut the voyage short due to thoughts of the hot water maker being left on.
Another cup of coffee reading the mail, there is little motivation to jump into a project.
A quick trip to the grocery store for refreshments and creamer precedes another lapse into television boredom.
Shaking it off, I climb the 13 steps to load another 10 trash bags, delivering boxes and bags rolling down to the kitchen.
Dragging out the piles of mother’s curtains, scraps of flags, shirts, dresses, sweaters from years ago, the piles fill the space for the Monday retrieval by the cities huge trucks.
Tomorrow brings rain, football, and an attempt to play along with a geezer song selection.
Sleep well tonight for tomorrow you must dust off the cases and place fingers on metal wire strumming to a wooden box.

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