Sunday, January 3, 2010


Walked to the grocery store today, enjoying the sunshine, but not the stiff wind. The temperature was in the teens, so I avoided the two-wheel ride.

A cold start, but after some adjustment to the layers and quickening the pace, the body self started the inner warmth, though by the time I reach the mile and a half trek, the wind had invaded the coat, sweatshirt, t-shirt, and long johns.

After a quick trip around the store for soup, pizzas, and beer, I packed my back sack, zipped up my layers and prepared to wander home.

By this time my body had adjusted to the temperature and was prepared for the return journey. Also, the wind was at my back to fill my sails.

So step-by-step I found a good cadence on the empty sidewalk listening to a tune in my head.
The sights were familiar, but the vision lower not being on a riding machine. A fluffed up bird sang on a telephone line overhead, reminding me to feed the yard critters when I get home.

Turning the corner of culverts of frozen water, I pass the hand painted nativity scene with the big eyed cartoon characters. This did not strike me as sacrilegious due to the painted big eyed snowman across the yard.

I paced down the street, noticing how much was still frozen, the little amount of activity in human or animal form due to the cold. Frosty mobile machines and shuttered shelters sat silent as their occupants sat huddled under covers watching the blue flashing images of football.

Then it hit me.

I was home!

I had just walked almost two miles and was warm, breathing steady, rhythm in motion, and a song in my head (without an ipod).

It was almost anti-climactic to arrive at the gate, removing my dark glasses and unpack my scavenger items.

So I join the masses, turning on the TV, frustrated with the boom box, have three quick drinks, gloves on and attack the 13 steps.

Walking will relieve me tomorrow on another journey, continuing this new adventure of exploration and excavation.

And hopefully the city will removed another load so I can fill the void.

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