Sunday, January 31, 2010

Are you climbing up or just hanging on?

I read this statement in a book about changing your life to adapt with business or corporate structure while watching a spider climb on a Christmas card basking in the sunlight.

The statement is very true of what individuals have in their being to want to strive for or be swept aside in the constant evolution. Some will set and seek goals of fortune or fame while others plod everyday to another’s demands.

Each might internally validate life’s accomplishments, yet other’s perceptions calculate unknown variations.

Pondering my father’s hopes, dreams, wishes, and reality I also reflect on my path.

No regrets behind me, yet the future, though it may be short, might hold a key.

A similar thought is the ambiance around us. Some hurry in a rush of noise and confusion, electronic devices clutter the air with news, weather, sports, and the constant chatter, while others relax in the quiet of their own being.

Music, I feel, is the glue that holds us together. Titles, language, politics, etc. cannot form a bond like music. Global recognition of rhythm brings smiles and tears and laughter and song to the human spirit.

So, life, like the corporate ladder, is a decision of climbing up or just hanging on. Music can create the soundtrack, but it is each of us to decide how far we climb.

And is there ever a top?

And death may be just letting go.


Rus Wornom said...

Hard to climb when you're hanging on for dear life. But you gotta keep trying. Been down so long, it looks like up to me.

Art said...

Music IS the soundtrack to our lives, but I'll use another musical quote:
"Love Is The Drug" - thanks Roxy Music!

TripleG said...

We can't see it, but the ladder is a circle -- you end up at the beginning.
The Egyptians said you are asked two questions when you get off the wheel: "Did you have joy in your life? Did you bring joy to others?"
The givers know the answer; the graspers who were once so confident look confused.