Monday, January 11, 2010

Outer Sync


The cold and the sun have battled for spring flowers.
The water is cold and the nights are dark and quiet.
And the city gave me a “Notice of Violation” for the “container is too heavy”?
If I can drag it out this far, you can take the rest.
OK, I’ve been a little harsh on the guys who every Monday morning come by and relieve myself of piles of memories.
I’ll be better. This stuff is heavy.
I have not been riding the regular morning route due to the COLD and it has thrown my whole rhythm off.
Getting up every morning at the crack of dawn?
It’s cold outside…and inside!!
Coffee, morning weather, coffee, fruit, newspaper, and then it are noon news.
There is light upstairs, but it is not moving fast.

I had to threaten myself to move glass boxes.
But the cold makes the climb slower.
Sunshine is a different matter.

It flows through the southern windows covered in plastic still bringing the warmth.
The cold blinds the brain when there are the two-wheel ventures onto frozen water.
So the dream is for warm water and sunshine lives on.

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