Tuesday, August 31, 2010

It's Your Call

Suppose it was a hot summer day, around, oh two o'clock in the afternoon and you decided to make a sandwich for lunch.

All the ingredients were there: buttermilk bread (could not find grain), yellow mustard, sliced faux turkey, processed almost Swiss cheese, Texas Pete, cayenne pepper, black pepper, and just for the adventure, a large tomato. Slice the big beefsteak (without losing any body parts) and place all the elements together on a paper towel.

Just as you are about to walk out the door to enjoy the feeding frenzy of the yard during their lunch period, the top of the sandwich slides off and lands face down on the floor.

What do you do?

1. Say some naughty language and chuck the whole thing into the trash?

2. Throw away the half of sandwich that splattered on the dusty floor, then eat the other half?

3. Pick up the escaped half, blow it off, then place it back to make a whole lunch again and move on?

Note: Remember this kitchen floor has not been cleaned in many years, but the dust and dirt is a accumulation of self.

It's Your Call?


Art said...

Two. I have seen your floor, after all.

Rus Wornom said...

2. 22222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222. Did I say 2?

nimrodstudios said...

Boys! Where is your adventure? Your pioneering spirit?

Cheryl said...

#2 (Art and Rus are right!!!), re-build the ruined half with fresh ingredients, THEN have lunch and move on.