Friday, August 19, 2011

How do you interface?


Time was, when people walked down the street, acknowledged one another with a nod or a tip of the hat exchanging pleasantries. “Good day sir” or “Please to meet your acquaintance madam.”

Families would sit together and listen to father discuss politics, mother would interject religion, and the children listened and talked of sports or toys or the other sex (in a hush).

If someone was far away, eloquent letters on fine paper showing penmanship to the recipient who opened the sealed envelope in great anticipation absorbing each word and it’s meaning (true or not)

Once landline communication was developed, hours talking back and forth could be savored with the constant interruption of the operator asking for a few more coins for a few more minutes.

The Internet changed all of that.

Today with immediate and constant chatter, twits, emails, video-chats,… yet, we still talk about the same subjects that we would if we were face-to-face.

Family, restaurants, recipes, travel, health, sports, and a few wander out into religion and politics. All the subjects covered by the online news and social media sites.

The difference today any person can take a photo from their digital camera or cell phone and immediately send it to another without restrictions. Anyone can post their thoughts or comments, relevant or not, for the entire globe to view. You can even become “friends” with complete strangers anywhere in the world.

The social media (which used to be called networking) is an interesting phenomenon. Some are political correct site to post business information to increase contacts and profit. Some are to attract mates. Some are just plan silly drawing in similar views on an array of subjects.

Now, before you decide I’m all “anti-social media” and shut me off, listen to this.
I’m all over the wonders the digital world offer us.

I watch very looking television due to getting my news from “You Tube” and “The Huffington Post”. Music floods the air, from professional to novice, old and new, as soon as it is recorded. Photos of everyone in the world doing everything float on massive database collections, whether they are real or not.

But perhaps this little blue marble has gotten a little too familiar with itself.

Microwave mentality wants us to stay connected with everyone 24/7. Forget about having time to ponder, contemplate, or create without having constant pop-ups of emails or comments or updates.

And on my tiny island, I rarely see or converse with another human face-to-face. There are only a few instances to enjoy the conversation, facial expressions, the tonal changes, the laughter or excitement of a remembrance or an exchange of ideas.
The digital world is my only interface with the world outside and if the power goes out. I’m alone.


Anonymous said...

Horseshit. I've been out of commission because of $ and surgery for the last few months, but I'm there when you need me. You have more friends than you think!

Art said...

friends or enemies, but whatever... we'll stay in contact. And it's a nice day for a ride, and come up for a visit any old time!!

Cheryl said...

I think you like it this way. Otherwise you would change it. There are plenty who would accept your invitation or welcome your company. You know that...right?