Saturday, August 20, 2011

You Wanna Write A Book?

There are two men seated at a table.
A woman stands next to the table facing the wall.
One of the men is neatly trimmed wearing a suit and shuffling cards.
The other man is casual with a beard.
There is a mirror on the wall.
One of the men gets up and walks to the door.
The woman turns her head.

Now......start writing.


TripleG said...

"Finally," she whispered without looking at him.
"Three scotches and you standing right there, I had the keys and he never knew a thing."
Primping her black wig a final time, she fished around in her purse like she had nothing on her mind except whatever small item had escaped her search.
Looking down, he said quietly, "I paid Melinda to hook him at the bar. That'll give us just enough time." He gathered up the cards.
Talking into the uncooperative purse, she said, "our favorite gypsy cab is waiting around the corner on Fountain. The new registration numbers are ready at the vinyl shop. OK, I'm dying to know -- how'd you pull the grift so fast?"
"I started talking about the new arrivals in the marina today, and he could'nt wait to tell me he had a Hinckley, 1971 and perfectly restored. Right up my alley -- nothing I don't know about 'em. I would've gotten those keys if I'd had to use a club."
"I'll be at the cab in five. You know, your BS is usually as pointless as an old tattoo, but you came through. Good thing, the money from the Rolls we boosted through Miami is running thin."
"Naw, you standing there, he didn't have a chance. Ginger, you're the best."
"Better than you deserve, babe." Her words slithered out through the slightest of smiles.
"Oh -- what new name did you choose?"
"Dusty Rose."

Rus Wornom said...