Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Summer Hiatus

Seems I’m taking a summer hiatus. Don’t know why but it just seems that way.

The projects are still all listed out on a weekly planner, but they are not of interest right now.

Perhaps it was when I threw my back out getting all the dirt in the yard that I stopped. I’ll blame it on that, but with a little exercise that excuse has been healed.

Perhaps it was the heat. Yea, that’s it, the heat. It did get real hot. The heat even slowed my daily ride. That must be it. The heat stopped my energy.

No, that wasn’t it. I just ran out of motivation.

I’m not writing. Haven’t really gotten any inspirational thoughts other than meeting my first wife and writing about the occasion 40 years ago.

I’m not playing or writing music. Listening to a lot of classical and jazz and being surprised how much of it I know.

I’m not watching television. Stopping to watch the news, but even that has become boring. Most of the events of the world I get online without the talking heads trying to entertain me with fluff interrupted constantly by annoying messages selling medicines, cars, and other products I don’t buy. Of course, being a news junkie I have been encompassed by the debt crisis, Middle East rebellions, constant war, anarchy in the UK, and that chick everyone hates because they think she killed her daughter but she got off with a huge legal bill.

I’m not eating out. Dining is a shared experience and there are few, if any, that I can think of, where the food preparation is extraordinary enough to partake. Cooking at home has become too hot and uninteresting. Going to the grocery and walking pass isles of noodles, meat, bread, milk, cereal with little thought of purchasing and preparation. Perhaps in the fall, stews will become an item in the make shift kitchen.

I’m not traveling. There is no place to go. Go to a movie? None are appealing enough to wander into the dark room. The same is said for books or magazines. Nothing has caught my fancy this summer.
I’m not drawing or painting. Maybe because when it is this hot, the paper sticks to my arm? Maybe the projects I was working on need a shift and I don’t know where to take them. I have had fun playing with the daily “It Sucks To Be Rusty” website until it crashed, but that was just a sideline.

I’m not working in the yard, but the little forest is fine. There is a lot of trimming I need to do this fall, but the with a little watering everything looks fine.

So other that going to the store once a day to restock the essentials of seed, blueberries, watermelon, peanuts and beer, what am I doing?

I’m watching the yard function as it was intended to be, a natural refuge.

And as long as I don’t move I can watch the shadows change as the sun moves across the sky and be entertained by the creatures that were here before us live their lives in comfort and safety of a nature setting.

Not bad entertainment and quiet calming. I think this is what vacations are suppose to be, so I’ll call this the summer vacation.

Tomorrow the weather is to be cooler so I have not excuse to take my bike in for some repairs then maybe take a trip down to Lowes for some fans.

Who knows? I’m on vacation.


TripleG said...

"A vacation is what you take when you can no longer take what you've been taking."

Cheryl said...

There's plenty of time ahead for those projects. They'll wait...they're certainly not going anywhere! The heat is as good an excuse as any to watch spiders kill moths and stuff.