Sunday, September 4, 2011

Creature Comforts

Recently, due to inclement weather, the electrical power was interrupted.

So a few days there were no creature comforts. The electronic devices that conform our daily life were useless. No television, no radio, no CDs, no fans, no lights, no refrigeration, no cooking, no washing cloths, and no computer.

Did this blip in electrical server change our lives?

To some it seems to.

Neighbors went out and bought generators to keep the connections with the outside world and the dead animal products fresh. Others decided to pack up and move to another place where there was electricity.
Is this power source this important to our every day life? Do we have to have the creature comforts to survive?

Yes, I adjusted my environment around the change, ultimately knowing that the big trucks would come in and bring back the power.

And soon the truck appeared and the lights came back on.

But in the meantime, I didn’t miss any of the elements of creature comforts.

Television is a global wasteland with little to offer now, the repeated playing of CDs I’ve heard many times before were not missed, without light when darkness fell seemed to be the time to rest until the sun arose the next day, and food can be prepared without electricity.

Of course, this situation may not be as comfortable as the normal routine, but one learns to adapt. If not, how can we adjust to the future?

So when the power goes out, get a glass of water and sit outside on the porch. It is an amazing world out there that we miss everyday.

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Art said...

lucky you did not live with a well and electric pump, eh?