Friday, September 16, 2011

Losing Interest

This is a Carol King song I liked for some time and in review, I understand it better.

There was once a boy named Pierre
Who only would say, I don't care!
Read his story, my friend, for you'll find
At the end that a suitable
Moral lies there

[Chapter I]

One day his mother said
When Pierre climbed out of bed
-Good morning, darling boy, you are my only joy
Pierre said-I don't care!
-What would you like to eat?
-I don't care!
-Some lovely cream of wheat?
-I don't care!
-Don't sit backwards in your chair
-I don't care!
-Or pour syrup on your hair
-I don't care!
-You are acting like a clown
-I don't care!
-And we have to go to town
-I don't care!
-Don't you want to come, my dear?
-I don't care!
-Would you rather stay right here?
-I don't care!
So his mother left him there

[Chapter II]

His father said-Get off your head
Or I will march you up to bed!
Pierre said-I don't care!
-I would think that you could see -
-I don't care!
-Your head is where your feet should be!
-I don't care!
-If you keep standing upside down -
-I don't care!
-We'll never get to town
-I don't care!
-If only you would say, I care
-I don't care!
-I'd let you fold the folding chair
-I don't care!
So his parents left him there
They didn't take him anywhere

[Chapter III]

Now as the night began to fall
A hungry lion paid a call
He looked Pierre right in the eye
And asked him if he'd like to die
Pierre said-I don't care!
-I can eat you, don't you see?
-I don't care!
-And you will be inside of me
-I don't care!
-Then you will never have to bother -
-I don't care!
-With a mother and a father
-I don't care!
-Is that all you have to say?
-I don't care!
-Then I'll eat you, if I may
-I don't care!
So the lion ate Pierre

[Chapter IV]

arriving home at six o'clock
His parents had a dreadful shock!
They found the lion sick in bed and cried
-Pierre is surely dead!
They pulled the lion by the hair
they hit him with the folding chair
His mother asked-Where is Pierre?
The lion answered-I don't care!
His father said-Pierre's in there!

[Chapter V]

They rushed the lion into town
The doctor shook him up and down
And when the lion gave a roar
Pierre fell out upon the floor
He rubbed his eyes and scratched his head
And laughed because he wasn't dead
His mother cried and held him tight
His father asked-Are you alright?
Pierre said-I am feeling fine
Please take me home, it's half past nine

The lion said-If you would care
To climb on me, I'll take you there
Then everyone looked at Pierre
Who shouted-Yes, indeed, I care!
The lion took them home to rest
And stayed on as a weekend guest
The moral of Pierre is: CARE!

Perhaps it age or time, but I realize I am losing interest in so many of the things that filled my time and space.

Things that used to interest me are now boring. Even football.

Sure football is the only sport I ever paid attention to, but it was only for the coaching, yet now it is so predictable that I’ve become bored watching a game. I even turn down the sound and listen to music while watching it, but there are too many commercials for autos or pizzas to keep my attention. If I miss something there will be replays or I can catch it on the web.

Maybe it is the “microwave mentality” that forces me to surf through channels where Dr. Phil presents a set of actors describing some heinous symptom of bad behavior so he can cast ratings, or RR will mix up another burger with the same ingredients, or old time antenna television showing crummy movies surrounded by terrible commercials for lawyers, guns and money.

Books, magazines, television shows, even music on the popular radio bores me. I look at the bestseller list and find no interest in fiction or fact or even biographies of people I don’t care about. The magazines are filled will advertisements and little reveling information. Television, which has always been a visual wasteland, now presents flash and fluff with little substance. Even the “news” shows have talking heads with little credibility for analyst or viable thoughts.

Internet messages about celebrities I do not know or care about bores me. I look at the movie trailers realizing I have just seen the best scenes. Without an interest in flash and burn and special effects or vampires or zombies or stupid gooey predictable love stories, I avoid the popcorn and sticky floors of the darkness.

Even walking through the super market looking at noodles, tomatoes, potatoes, tacos, ice cream, chips, frozen dinners, baby food, depends…. None of these things interest me. I survive by preparing minimal easy food that doesn’t require a lot of prep time or clean up. The important part is to stay hydrated. Perhaps in the cooler months ahead, cooking will occupy my time while the rain and snow comes?

I look at the latest technology and wonder what will it do for me? I go to the shopping centers and walk away empty handed. I walk past restaurants with little desire for there preparations.

Every now and then something catches my eye or ear or my fancy, but now it quickly fades because it doesn’t meet my expectations. Maybe I have high expectations.

Even conversations must present themselves as thrilling or unexpected yet I find them only to become boring and a waste of sharing air.

So what interest me?

Finding a feather on the ground left by one of my buddies after a feeding, not in a panic of attack for they know they are protected here, but as an afterthought.

A light and shadow pattern on the road or a distant sound of a crow chasing a hawk.

On a cool morning ride, the smell of fall filling your nostrils takes your breath away.

Stopping at a stop light with a girl on a three-wheel bike and commenting on it with her response that I also had a nice bike before we smiled and rode off in different directions.

The bright sky in the morning, the silence of the darkness of night and the comfort of the wooden stalks protruding from the ground around me holding an array of furry creatures, some of which I will never see.
A sound of fireworks in the distance and knowing it is the baseball team celebration.

So many things have lost importance through the years, yet a few remain to keep my curiosity of the future.

Music still fascinates me, though I listen to more of the classical now. A phrase or riff can always catch my ear, but I only listen to music that I know. Even the music I grew up with when replayed becomes dull due to little evolution.

Expression will catch my eye and ear if creative and innovative, but it takes a lot to make me follow it. I don’t want to be disappointed by the second act.

So as the weather grows cooler, the windows will close quieting the crickets. Surrounded by four walls without the escape of freedom into the sunlight, I must reevaluate my interest.

Check the project list, but this winter music will be a main interest. I’ve got a lot of recording and writing to do, so it is now the season to get busy.

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TripleG said...

The sound of the scouring
Of the saucepan blends
With the tree-frogs' voices.

--the hermit Ryokan