Saturday, September 10, 2011

Telephone Etiquette

What happens when you don’t identify yourself or confirm the caller?

Me: Hello

? Girl (with party sounds in the background): Hi

Me: Hi

? Girl: Did I wake you?

Me: No

? Girl: I thought you might have gone to bed already

Me: OK

? Girl: mumble mumble??

Me: Ok

? Girl: Are they in bed?

Me: Yes

? Girl: mumble, mumble

Me: Sure

? Girl: Are you sure it is OK?

Me: Sure

Click. I hang up so this doesn’t go any further. Two minutes later the phone rings again with the same number. I don’t pick it up this time.


Me: Hello

? Guy: Dude

Me: Dude

? Guy: Just wanted to make sure I can use your truck this weekend.

Me: Sure

? Guy: And that loaned I asked about last night. I really need it. Peggy has to have an anniversary present and I just don’t, well you already know cause we talked about it. She is kinda like really mad if she doesn’t get…

Me: Yeah

? Guy: I can swing by about five if that is good for you to pick up the truck.

Me: Do you know who this is?

? Guy: (pause) Hank?

Me: Nope

? Guy: (pause)

Me: Dude you got the wrong number.



Me: Hello

? : I want a large pepperoni and black olive pizza

Me: Sure

? : And a large cola

Me; Sure

? : Wait. What? (he speaks to someone in the background). No make those two large pizzas. One with pepperoni and black olives and the other one with pineapple and sausage.

Me: (waiting)

? : And two colas and an order of breadstix.

Me: Address

? : (gives me an address)

Me: OK, it will be there in 30-minutes of less or it is FREE!

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Art said...

Well, I don't think I'd take this approach, but whatever floats your boat.