Monday, September 26, 2011

The Rabbit Died

The sun was out and the rain had stopped, so I thought it was a usual day. After instant coffee with French vanilla creamer and fake sugar and a bottle of tap water, it was time for a ride.

The neighborhood was getting back to normal after all the weather, but still some stumps leaped up cracking sidewalks as a reminder that nothing is permanent.

Young women walked their dogs or babies and smiled as I rode by enjoying the fresh air and seeing that Leo will be working hard after 11 inches of rain.

As I rode up the hill to my block, I noticed something to the left. It appeared to be a critter in the road. I slow as I always do to see if it was going to cross in front of me yet as I grew closer I realized it was not going to move.

I normally move past, with some respect for the deceased, and say, “Sorry bud” then rides on knowing the crows will feast tonight.

But this time it was different.

I expected to see the usual gray of a Petey or a small brown stripe of a Bo-Bo and hoped to see it was just a pile of leaves, but then I saw the white tail.

The rest of the ride was contemplating what might have happened in front of my house yesterday.
Returning home, I rehydrate and checked the silliness of the Internet.

I peered out the front to look again but could not see the carcass. Perhaps nature’s morticians had already done their duty.

Continuing my day’s routine I returned from the store with seed and p-nuts spread in the usual feeding areas.

I watched the yard critters scamper for their lunch but was saddened than one of our family would not attend the feast.

After an hour allowing them to settle into their normal feeding, I started up to the house to prepare my own lunch when to my surprise, what did I see?

There was Bun-Bun!

She was sitting in her usual spot munching up some seed.

I stopped and with a soft tone acknowledged her.

After watching still, I backed off to allow her space.

Sometime later, she appeared to the second feeding spot, then munched on some grass and disappeared in her yard.

As darkness set in, I slowly walked to the house hoping not to disturb anyone.

Under her shelter of bamboo and grasses, there was Bunny stretched out napping in the last of the sunshine.

So you never know when it will be a good day.

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TripleG said...

Remind Bun-Bun to stay out of the street. Street bad.