Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I’m So Busy I Don’t Have Time To Worry


Is this what the work-a-day world has become?

With instant messaging, emails, social media, cell phones, texting ….. Our minute-by-minute access to everything that goes on in the world takes it’s time away from some of the basic human traits.

Laughter, concern, caring, worry and many more emotions are what makes us human, but do we have time for these?

But we are too busy for all these things. Sure, we pass the daily chores and trend to forget the last stress only to find another, but we are just too busy to worry about it.

The world revolves and the rain falls and the sun shines and trees grow and flowers bloom then fade and drop to the ground to evaporate into the dirt, but are we too busy to notice.

Reports are prepared and meetings are attended on an ever-increasing schedule requiring more time spent confirming the electronic calendar. Evenings are spent reviewing the day’s process while upgrading software and emails while tending to self-indulgence.

Sometimes it takes a hurricane to turn off the power to realize what else there is.

With enough time to breathe and reflect and ponder and think, one might just become aware.

Aware of the surroundings we pass everyday so quickly with only the thought of does the grass need trimming or the automobile need washing. Perhaps the dinner out can be in the backyard sharing with some of your furry neighbors.

While all the craziness that is reported on the news everyday of financial crisis or destruction or natural disastrous events, a mind could go crazy contemplating all this stuff.

So maybe we stay busy so to blur all the real world activities that would make a sane man cry.

Stay busy as long as you can, because when you are alone, the truth comes out.

And you have no one to look to except in the mirror.


Art said...

very Zen-like

Anonymous said...

I like this article!
People nowadays forget who they really are. They work because the world system has been made in that way. People do concern about money, job, achievement rather than about the nature, the universal truth or even their own sanity and health.

It's time for people who are lucky enough to have time to ponder to rethink what the meanings of their lives are. What's the real aim of each life? And, they should find happiness within this busy world.