Friday, March 10, 2017

Do You Like That?

We do nice things for others and ask, “Do you like that?”
It maybe cleaning out the garage or arranging the bookshelves or making an exquisite meal or some new flexibility endeavor during a moment of intimacy.
Why do we ask this question? Are we so emotionally shallow we need constant self-validation?
The simple answer is “Yes”.
We create ceremonies like Christmas, Valentine’s Day and even birthday parties to affirm our beliefs that others like us.
But if you don’t get any presents? If there are no valentine request, then what? No cake and candles and funny hats may shatter your emotional worth and just become another day on the calendar.
“Do you love me?” is another good question. It is in all the songs and books and is repeated more than “Did you find your keys” or “What is that smell?”
The best of us will be pro-active and bring home flowers without advance notice. A surprise vacation, even if it is just an overnight stay at a B&B reaffirms promises made and reestablishes emotional ties.
The next times you get the question “Do you like that?” remember what the other person is asking.

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