Sunday, March 19, 2017

Take My Advice….Please

We all do it. “You know what I think?” “My advice would be…”
We can’t help ourselves.
With every bump in the road, a friend or a family member or almost anyone else will chime in with solution, examples, and even theories either confirming or denying our decisions.
So why do we ask for advice?
We think if someone else who is smarter or with more experience might have a better answer than we can come up with to “What do I do next?”
We ask advice to confirm our decisions or suggest better alternative but in all actuality we are self-validating our own intelligence but not all advice is a back-or-white answer.
All through our lifetime we ask the question “Why?”
“Why am I here?” “What is this for?” “Then what do I do?”
Our parents are the first ones who give us advice. They tell us what we should do and what we should not do and most of the time they don’t tell us why.
“Don’t touch the stove” or “Don’t hit a barking dog with a stick” or “Don’t eat that” but we ignore the advice and learn for ourselves they were right.
As we grow older and start having emotional questions that we are affair to ask our parents about, we turn to our friends. This may be our downfall?
A friend may not know anymore about the subject than you do but you feel somewhat safe with the guys you play sports or music or read with. A friend should try and save the relationship but may fumble with advice.
“Should I French kiss her?” “I asked her out but I think she likes…” “What do I do if she thinks she is pregnant?”
The church offers plenty of advice from the book and doctors can give you advice if it itches but for the most part, you are on your own.
This is what growing up is all about.
There are plenty of professional organizations and hucksters who will take your money to point you in the right direction. The Internet is rich with chat rooms and websites filled with questionable comments to your personal questions.
As we drift into the electronic communication a heartfelt question may get an Emoji or a “LOL” as a response. Even a face-to-face visual is limited to battery life.
I take time to listen to conversations. Some are just chatter or filler and some are quick-witted remarks without basis or direction. Should we open our mouths if we have nothing to say?
I try not to give advice. I can only give my own experiences but cannot refute those who have more perceived knowledge on a subject.
I will listen to advice from people I feel offer information that is positive. I avoid the harmful comments yet wonder why people would take the time.
So my advice (if I was going to give any) is just do what feels right.

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