Tuesday, March 14, 2017

What ‘cha Gonna Do About It?

Like most of our problems that make us uncomfortable and distract us from our inane hedonism, we pick up our self-made refuge in plastic bags and put them in large plastic bins and roll them to the curb and wait for the city or county or someone else who takes our money to remove this every growing amount of waste and place it somewhere else. Somewhere we cannot see it or smell it or contemplate the consequences of the amount of waste we make by ourselves.
Yet this trash doesn’t go away. We can hide it underground like nuclear waste or pretend to recycle some of it, but it just keeps piling up. So what ‘cha gonna do about it?
With the manufacturing of easy and cheap products like plastic that does not quickly biodegrade and the acceptance of our cultures for these inexpensive containers our trashcans overflow. 
What started with the occasional cigarette butt or beer can on the side of the road have now become dumping grounds. All the trash we have thrown into our water ecosystem after spoiling our drinking filtration flow down to then pollute the oceans only to have it wash back on shore.
The next summer vacation might not be as pleasant with spoiled beaches?
What happens if the truck doesn’t come around next Monday? What happens with the piles of continuous bags and boxes and bottles that we just want to go away? What ‘cha gonna do?
Would we do as our forefathers have done? Bury it and wait for the future archeologist to dig up and try to figure who we were and what we did and what we ate by our trash.
Maybe our trash is our history?

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