Saturday, February 3, 2018

Tag Teams @ the Tummy Temple

I waited as long as I could but I knew I’d have to go for the cupboard is bare and it will rain tomorrow. Layering up for the ride, I notice air traffic control is needed in the yard. Sounds like the robins have arrived.
The traffic seemed to be heavier than usual. Did someone say the “S” word? The vultures are circling the parking lot looking for just that perfect spot to squeeze into.
Luckily I got the last little basket I can whiz around the store in and prepared my dutiful grab and go but today would be slower than normal.
There appears to be a rush to load up before the big game and the players brought partners. It seems two can play hide and seek with the chicken wings better than just one. It also double the amount of folks in big coats standing around in the aisles asking the uniformed stockers where they can find imported avocado sauce made in Brazil by pygmies.
The tag team approach does allow one to stay with the cart while the other stares at the boxes and bags and cans trying to decide which has the best value or if it is glutton free. One of my favorite tag teams bring their kids and have to call from the sugar drink section to find out if someone else could decided between the 16 oz. or the 24 oz.
Looking at some team members the amount of stuffies overflowing in their cart matched the stuffies in their challenged stretched leggings. The produce section looked good (I got a green pepper and an onion for my Philly cheezesteak) but the chip aisle was depleted.
Seemed to be a few more slo-pokes with canes in their carts to give additional detours and the check and recheck the list as the bored husband tries to nap on his feet. To top it off was one of the scooters was whipping around driven by a masked man.
After several laps around the block with numerous stops and waits for I have nowhere else to go and got all the time in the world I started toward ‘check out’ land only to find all the bays open and full and long lines. Maybe another lap around the store; watching the new cast coming and going? I’ve secured my items and nothing will melt with another venture in this land of the lost.
The odds were not in my favor of the length of the lines reducing so I bit the bullet and found a slot to crawl to the front. From the tonnage leaving the store there will be some serious munching going on tomorrow. Waiting for traffic after packing my cache I notice the number of bags going into this woman’s trunk and hoping nothing falls out. If she attempts to bend over and those pants split, it could cause tsunamis.
Home safely I give myself a ‘high five’ for making it through the tag teams of the Tummy Temple.

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