Monday, May 21, 2018

Name Dropping

We describe ourselves by others. Associates, schools, companies, brands, etc. all fill our description of ‘who we are’. The number of ‘names dropped’ or the importance other place on them, can fulfill your resume and maybe get you into a late nightclub.
Today selfies verify the association with someone famous or being at a show or restaurant, but Photoshop is easy to use. Without a witness or an accomplice, the verbal history is only a one-off reference to a possibility.
Still the prestige placed when a name is dropped gets attention and in some cases respect. In other cases, skeptics will disbelieve without proof.
Facts in history get fuzzy and recollection can become confused, so be sure to take a picture, maybe a video with a sound recording to post on YouTube to show the world. It might make you famous?

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