Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah - woh
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah - woh
Don't pass up this chance, this time it's a true romance
Heatwave, heatwave, heatwave, heatwave

It’s June 7th. Day after D-Day. And it is hot in Richmond. That is HOT! 100+ degrees. With humidity, 110+. That’s HOT!
So for four days at the start of my first vacation of the year 2008, record temperatures.
Riding to the store meant the arms were wet after the first block, Sweat would drip in your eyes. The tires were soft from the heat off the street... and no one was out.
Everyone was inside in the air conditioning. Not a soul on the street. A few massive metal mobile machines rode by with detressed looks on the occupants with the windows rolled up.
Everyone still needs to survive in the heat. Even LOTS of heat. Even unbearable heat.
Drink lots of fluids and stay in the shade.
Yeah right.
Ride your 10 miles on Sunday and stop on occasion to wipe your brow. Park the bike and come back to the hot shed and cool down in front of the fan. Drink bottled water and let your shirt dry out.
Luckily it is shaded, but the ever present heat continues. The weather announcers on TV make jokes about it, but it is no joke. It’s HOT. Very HOT.
And it continues. Another day of HOT. Take a breath and go out for a ride. Sure you sweat. Your muscles ache. Peddle forward. Wipe the sweat away. Tomorrow will be the same.
Four days of record breaking HOT. So what do you do?

Learn to adapt. Global Warming?

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