Monday, June 30, 2008

Weekend with the Dweez

Ah, another weekend gone. Hot days of riding all over town, carrying heavy things, walking a bike in to get another tire repaired, and relaxing evenings of soccer, SNL with the late George Carlin, and music.

Decided to record from 3 cassettees of every song I have written. 200 in all. Just guitar, drum machine and background rumble.

But to top the weekend, took a trip to Barnes and Noble. Had just been there last week, so not much had changed. Wasn't looking for anything in particular, but wandered into the movie section. Buy 2 get one free. OK, let's take a peek.

"What's this?"


I had just send the Dweez play his daddy's songs in the spring and was very impressed by the accuracy. The boy also has his dad's cherisma. The half grin like he knows the joke that all of us are missing.

So chuck down a couple of bucks and go home with the Dweeze.

Pop in the DVD, sit back with a cool drink and enjoy.

Recorded in Seattle (home of the mudshark), it is a fast paced, good sound (options of stereo or surround), tight cuts, and zooms to follow the action. And there is action. These boys and girls are enjoying themselves and the audience. And why not? They have rehearsed. Note for note they are dead on. Pop must be proud.

Haven't seen the second DVD yet, but the first one made me smile.

So I highly recommend you enjoy FZ's son continuing his father's Open Mind policy. Take a listen and enjoy.
Spend a little time with the Dweez. Keep the music alive. Music is the best.

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Art said...

OK ummm never mind. I know who the Dweeze is now.