Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Morning Conversation

The time is 6:00 a.m. I stand at the end of the alley, pack on my back, gloves and helmet strapped on. Already the temperature is warming as a haze fills the air from a fire 80 miles away. And so I start.


"Stop having so much fun going down this hill, we are just starting."

"OK, what do you want to talk about?"

"Don't know yet. It's too early. Haven't found the day's rhythm."

" What music shall we hear?"

"Rebecca by Flo and Eddie keeps coming to mind."

"Ree beck A Ohh Ohh!"

"Look at all the sprinklers."

"Yes and check the joggers, where did they all.... squirrel on the right."

"Got him."

"What about that girl..."

"Oh grow up and get over it."

"Yeah well.."

"Car behind us."

"Got him."

Pause at a stop light. Been in the zone so far.


"What is that?"

"Silence, with the occasional bird."


"Let's go."

"It's nice out here in the morning with no one around."


"And.... pant.... up.....pant....the....pant....Jefferson....pant....hill...."

"pant.... pant...."

"Pretty time and hardly broke a sweat."

"Re beck A...."

"Oh shut up, it's time for a shower."

and so it goes, just another life.

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