Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Zone

Top of Form
I was in the ZONE this morning. Everyone has one. That time when everything goes right. Focus. Stay in tune.
My morning ZONE is riding and getting all the stop lights, little traffic, and constant ride. One stop to catch my breath, then off again. Didn't have time to fasten my gloves. Just peddle. Watch the birds soar overhead. The blue sky and fluffy white clouds. The smiling young joggers who bid "Good Morning". Just peddle.
In the ZONE one can focus. Play that song in your head. Think the thoughts that only the rhythm of the road will allow. Talk to people who are far away and hope they can hear you. Notice the little things in life that being in a hurry would miss. The reflection of the leaves dancing on a shiny metal mobile machine. The sound of doves overhead resting on the power lines.
But being in the ZONE is short. For me about 20 minutes. And then it's over.
Back to reality. Back to the plastic world of grey cubicles and fuzzy computer screens and email.

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