Thursday, June 19, 2008

A summer shower

The clouds were forming as I unlocked my bike. The garage guard "Doc" said, "Will you make it home before it rains?" 
So I checked the dark clouds coming and started down Grace Street. Slow ride. Lots of distracted drivers. 
Final turn to VCU. Then it started. 
The big drops dotted the sidewalk. 
Then it really started. Might as well enjoy it.
The temperature dropped. 
Waves of rain came. The heavy drops banged on my visor. 
Waves of rain danced across the street in front of me As the drops filled my sunglasses, I smiled at the lack of visibility. 
Then the steam rouse upon the payment. The road was a fog of steam from the rain. 
When the rain comes, she....
The steam followed me home.
Under the shelter of the trees, the temperature dropped 20 degrees. The sun lite the other areas in steam. 
And by the time I got home, it stopped. 
Very refreshing. Still wet. 

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Art said...

Yes, I lived off Laskin Road, on Holly (three blocks up from the beach) in a carriage house behind a used goods / consignment store. It sounds like your bus stopped at Hilltop (conglomeration of strip malls) and you walked right by the Quaker school where I taught (if it is still there).