Wednesday, June 4, 2008

No Zone

Being in the ZONE is great! Being outside the ZONE..... well, that's life.
On the way home, I realized I was not in the ZONE. Stop at every corner. Dodge the walkers, the opening doors of the metal mobile machines, falling tree branches, birds, and the occasional wrong way driver (GET OFF THE PHONE!!!).
Once I realized I was not in the ZONE, I understood what my afternoon had in store. Down shift. Take it slow and easy. Even changing streets could not shake the out of ZONE. Hit the pot holes you usually miss.
Even at the grocery store the out of ZONE continued.
Shopping carts blocking the isle, people standing and staring at items I need to pick up, people standing and talking on their cells (GET OFF THE PHONE!!!) explaining ingredients while the rug rats scurried about, and old people staring off into space while there cart knocks over items. "Did you find everything you needed" she blankly said. "Paper or plastic"
Remember when you know you are not in the ZONE, settle back and realize.... It Ain't Gonna Get Any Better.
A friend of mine was really outside the ZONE the other day. Got robbed. Bummer.

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