Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Only The Old Live To Die

Everyday is an adventure. And though we live every day, do we experience it? 

I see people, tired, slow, quiet people. At the store. At work. Going about their business. Doing what they do. Going through the motions. 

But do they live? 

As the body continues to decay year after year, the mind can stay as fresh as you allow it to be. There is history documentation of writers, performers, artist of all kinds, who continue to create until the last breath. 

And yet there are people that are my age... or younger, who complain about the troubles and the pains and the stress and the problems weighing them down. 

And I wonder "Why do they get up every morning"?

These beings are obstacles of the creative path we all should be traveling. 

And while we create idols of some of the creative types in our generation: Morrison, Hendrix, Lennon, Nilsson, Joplin, (the list goes on and on).... on closer observation, these and others may have peaked and we on the creative decline. They died younger than most, but were they still vital? Was there more to come from them? And did the access of early 'greatness' impede their journey. 

We will never know.

But we know there is a energy inside each of us. And if we don't use it? 

For only the old live to die.

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